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Δεν υπάρχει καλύτερος τρόπος για να εκφράσουμε τα συναισθήματα μας για το αγαπημένο μας πρόσωπο από μια rock μπαλάντα. Τα παρακάτω τραγούδια έχουν γράψει τη δική τους ιστορία, αφήνοντας ανεξίτηλα τα σημάδια τους στις καρδιές των ακροατών.




1.  Deep Purple - Soldier of Fortune
2.  Rainbow - Temple of the king
3.  Scorpions - When the Smoke Is going Down
4.  Aerosmith – Dream On
5.  Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven
6.  Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
7.  Def Leppard- Love Bites
8.  Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
9.  Guns N’ Roses - Don’t Cry
10. Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart
11. Kiss – I Still Love You
12. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing
13. Alice Cooper – Poison
14. Cutting Crew – I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
15. Nazareth – Love Hurts
16. Alannah Myles - Black Velvet
17. Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is
18. Bon Jovi – I’ll Be There For You
19. Meat Loaf – I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)
20. Sinead O’ Connor – Nothing Compares To You
21. John Farnham – You ‘re The Voice
22. Heart – Alone
23. Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warner – Up Where We Belong
24. Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn
25. Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
26. Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight
27. Guns n’ Roses – November Rain
28. Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero
29. Whitesnake – Here I Go Again
30. Marillion – Kayleigh
31. T’pau – China In Your Hand
32. Def Leppard – When Love & Hate Collide
33. Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
34. Mr. Mister – Broken Wings
35. Chicago – Hard To Say I’m Sorry
36. Skid Row - I Remember You
37. Steelheart - She’s Gone
38. MSG - Nightmare
39. City - Am Fenster
40. Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall

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